Best Gel Moisturizer

Skin wraps our body and is the most important as well as the sensitive part of our body. Despite the fact that, its sensitive and delicate it is also the part that is directly and consistently exposed to environmental factors and if you have dry skin then problems get worse.

Due to this, caring for your dry skin in a perfect way should be your first priority. Its because dry skin is more vulnerable to become damaged, develop wrinkles, scars and get worn out causing lots of dead cells pile up on its surface.

In order to do this effectively you have to know the nature of your skin, including its type, sensitivities and problems. Knowing these aspects would help you find the right solution for your dry skin care.

Here are some of the top rated and best gel moisturizer you can use without any problems to get a perfect glowing skin

Best Gel Moisturizer For You

CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion

This moisturizer has proven its worth for dry skin treatment. It has ceramides and hyaloronic acids that … Read the rest at Essentia Health Jobs

Food Nutrition Facts: Putting Everything Into Perspective

We as individuals can all benefit from being aware of food nutrition facts.

No matter our individual diets, whether healthy or otherwise, we can all take more control by learning about food nutrition and therefore food in general.

I have certainly found that my quest to establishing a healthy eating regime was made so much easier by acquiring a knowledge and understanding of food nutrition facts.

The Balanced Diet

When we are looking at a balanced diet we should all be looking at the following 7 important components:


Carbohydrates are required for a quick energy boost. Sources include pasta, cereals and potatoes. 60% of our diet should come from carbohydrates, which equates to approximately 300 grams per day;


Fats are required for slow energy release. Sources include oils, dairy products, nuts and fish. 25% of our diet should come from fats, which equates to approximately 56 grams per day;


Protein is required to build and repair our muscle tissue. Sources include meat, pulses and fish. 15% of our diet should come from protein, which … Read the rest at Essentia Health Jobs

Best Foods For Weight Loss

According to recent statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 34.7% or more than one-third of the US population is considered to be obese.

As annual healthcare costs rise in an attempt to battle medical conditions caused by obesity, the country needs to take a serious look at reversing weight-gaining trends that started more than 30 years ago.

It is time for Americans to take responsibility for their health and start exercising more and finding a way to eat healthier diets. Enter our article check Best Foods For Weight Loss!

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Exercising and Dieting

Before you develop some grandiose plan for losing weight, you must recognize the fact it takes great commitment and fortitude to lose significant amounts of weight after years of abusing your body.

You also need to learn about what to eat when trying to lose weight.

In order to be successful, you will need a balanced attack of exercise and good foods to eat to lose weight.

Learning to eat foods to lose … Read the rest at Essentia Health Jobs

Apple Cider Vinegar For Kidney Stones Treatment

After being used for thousands of years as a home remedy, no one knows for sure what all the benefits that are derived by the use of apple cider vinegar might be.

Some benefits have been well-tested and studied and are generally accepted as viable. These include properties such as weight loss components, blood pressure regulation capabilities and ingredients that help sustain digestive help.

That said, there are also a wide range of other benefits that have been discussed as being viable. One of these benefits is apple cider vinegar for kidney stones prevention.

What Are Kidney Stones

When minerals from food become highly concentrated in the urine, they tend to coagulate in the kidneys and become tiny hard masses that look like little crystals under a magnifying glass. These are called kidney stones.

As long as they are small enough to pass through the urinary system without causing obstruction, they create very few issues. When they get large enough, they can become lodged in the bladder tubing or the ureter. The result is intense pain felt in … Read the rest at Essentia Health Jobs

Juices For Life Recipes for Weight Loss & Energy

The notion that losing weight and boosting energy levels has to be boring with bland foods and beverages is simply non-sense.

The process of losing weight takes dedication and sacrifice, but there are things you can do and foods you can choose to create beverages that make it fun and exciting to be a juicer.

In recent years, juices for life and juicing for energy have become popular ways to lose weight and boost energy while getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals that are needed to keep the body healthy and the mind clear.

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Juices For Life – Art or Science?

In fact, juicing is a little bit of both, art and science.

The art comes in the form of beautiful visual beverages with wild names and vibrant colors. The science comes from learning to mix fruits and vegetables in order to maximize the nutritional benefits from each drink.

The process starts with a juicer that provides all the needed functionality to make … Read the rest at Essentia Health Jobs